New Midbass Fronthorns

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System Components

The pictures above are a little outdated: The Klipschorn on the left and the tall Eminence TH on the right are gone. Instead there is a Cinema Sub TH in each corner (refer to Tapped Horns page).

Also gone are the Yamaha DSP-AX1 6ch. HT Amp., the Behringer Ultracurve 2496 (which EQ'ed both Cinema Sub TH's) and the Albs Sub-25BB analogue subwoofer x-over (formerly used for the Cinema Sub TH's).

Instead a dedicated Playback PC with room correction came. It just runs JRiver as player software. Part of JRiver is a convolver engine for room correction an x-over duties. The convolver runs FIR filters created by Dr. Ulrich Brüggemann's Acourate toolbox. Many thanks here in particular to Markus and Heiner for their patience in answering my stupid questions!

XBMC had to leave as well since it does not have such nice convolver included as JRiver does. Sad but true. I liked XBMC so much. Music and movies are still stored on the network. A RME Fireface 800 serves as D/A converter. A three step attentuator between the D/A converter and the power amps serves as "safety parachute" for testing (I don't want to blow off drivers when something goes wrong inside the Playback PC resulting in full level to the power amps - ouch!).




Rear Speakers

My rear speakers are built from what's left over in previous projects:

Currently they are not even in operation since my system is limited to stereo only. This will change in future again.