1991: First contact with Dr. Bruce Edgar's articles


1991: First Tractrix Horn, built for the Audax midrange


1992: First major modifcations. From now:

pic02 pic03 pic04 pic05
pic06 pic07



Soon it became clear to me, that there is so much more potential in a system entirely equipped with horn loudspeakers. I decided to go on.
The small LaScala's were the next items to be replaced:

The Tractrix Midbass

pic09 pic10 pic11 pic12

Later with a new rack:


But soon, new incidents influenced my tinkerings.

Fostex D582 compression drivers


150Hz Tractrix Midbass

I was very pleased with the results since it was a big inprovement compared to the previos setup. These pictures were taken before the remodeling of our living room. You can find the plans for these horns in the download section.

img-1 img-2 img-3

To be continued...